Coaching & Mentorship

Coaching and Mentoring use the same skills and approach but coaching is short term task-based and mentoring is the development of a longer term relationship.

“A coach has some great questions for your answers, a mentor has some great answers for your questions.”

Our session-based program is pure coaching, our full program coaching will over time develop into a mentor-protogé relationship.


Take It To The Next Level

Whether you’re a successful profitable trader or not, understanding your blind spots, where you self-sabotage and leave profits on the table is what will take you to the next level of trading.


Do You…

  • Give back your gains — consistently?
  • Feel like you’ve lost your mojo?
  • Hesitate to pull the trigger on a set-up and miss the resulting move?
  • Chase trades impulsively, causing you to buy high and sell low?
  • Cut your winners short or fail to pull the trigger and go to max loss?

How Does It Work?

The coaching-mentorship program consists of multiple individual sessions, each specifically focuses on you. Everyone has different goals and vision. You may be interested in trading for a living, or self-directing your investments for retirement.

We start by developing your vision, discover your needs and create and implement a step-by-step plan to achieve your goals.

Our process consists of three phases…


Trader Assessment

Conduct a comprehensive initial assessment so that we both discover and gain a deep understanding of:

    • Who you are, your preferred life style
    • Your values and perspectives, your inspiration
    • Your capacity and tolerance for risk

The assessment establishes the foundation for how we will work together. It will consist of a series of one-on-one interviews, either in-person or over video conference with Discord or Zoom. You will complete a self-assessment survey that we’ll use as a baseline to compare against as you progress. And we’ll help you identify and eliminate destructive habits and how to develop lasting support ones.


Adopt a Philosophy and Framework

Once we have a good handle on your mental game and your goals we can begin to develop a structure to your trading. This is essentially a continuous improvement process, where you learn to think, say and do the right things and recognize when you veer from this path and learn how to self-correct.

The objective in this phase is to achieve self-made-awareness in every aspect of your trading by introducing you to a strategy and methodology consistent with you’re trading framework. This will include developing an initial trading campaign, and learn how to apply a professional approach to your trading, within a continuous improvement loop.

You will develop daily and weekly processes, comprised of directed habits designed to build lasting positive change, and keep you on the path.


Set Your Path To An Inspirational Future

Phase three integrates all you have learned. You will have a new perspective on your trading, a well thought out direction that is consistent with your lifestyle, your philosophy, and perpetual practices that through repetition and a feed back loop will heighten your overall awareness and confidence as a trader.

At this point the coaching transforms into a mentorship where you determine the frequency and content of future sessions, either regular meetings or as needed with your coach.