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Transformative Experience

After the 4-week trial you will be on a path to become an elite trader.

You will develop a complete mindset shift to think and act like a professional trader.

You will learn to avoid big drawdowns, when to take a profit, and how to become consistently profitable over the long term.

You will also learn pro strategies and methods where you evaluate and correct your bad behaviors, keeping you on the path to success.

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Live One-On-One Mentoring

Daily Live Streams

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How It Works

World class one-on-one coaching and mentoring

Resources and Course with no fluff

Discord based trade room with 100s of like minded traders, from newbies to pros.

Live streams every trading day, plus a weekend livestream where we review performance, strategy and methods.

We don’t just supply alerts, we churn out pro traders.

Average Return

Most members achieve 150% to 250% return on risk capital used per trade. About 15% of trades pin with returns as high as 1500%.

Asymmetric Risk

Small risk with large potential reward, where the typical trade has 1 part risk to 10 parts reward. Results in long-term positive outcome.

No Stops

The risk per trade is so small, there’s never a need for stops. We manage profits, not risk.This results in low drawdowns and zero anxiety.


What is the 0-DTE service?

An educational program and alert service that teaches you our proprietary trading strategies, methods and continuous improvement process.

How does it work?

It focuses on collecting premium the last day of expiration of S&P options and using volume profile and macro economic analysis.


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