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I have had many subscriptions to Options Services, however there has not been any like what Ernie brings to the table. His way of teaching and answering all my questions and providing phone and one and one support is like no other service. Ernie truly wants the user to master the craft of the butterfly with minimal risk, and taking the potential of large gains by being independent to your own tolerance of gains on the upside. This is an excellent service, and is not an alert monkey type of service. He covers the strategy for the day in both directions of the market even if he feels it going sideways. I am sticking with this service knowing that my trading is improving and Ernie is not afraid to tell you what mistakes he feels you are making. I have been trading for 3 months now, and have not blown up my account , where as in previous services using high probability trades, my account blew up real quick. This is not a get rich quick service, however with a steady effort, the rewards can be substantial.

Mohammed Khan
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