Great, if you’re willing to learn.

This service is designed for the person who is willing to read the educational material apply it to their trading. You need to listen to Ernie when he’s giving you suggestions. If you’re looking for alerts and someone to hold your hand through each and every aspect of the trade then this isn’t for you. In order to be successful you will have to put in the time to study all of the material Ernie has put together for us, you have to take the time to map out the trades to figure your risk and reward and determine the best position sizing for your account. But I can say with absolute certainty, based on my own personal experience, that if you do those things and listen to Ernie and the other knowledgeable members you will find success with this strategy. Joining this group has increased my knowledge, ability, and confidence in identifying trades with the highest chances to be profitable. I could’ve done that without Ernie ‘s help.

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