Service has transformed my trading

I cannot say enough good things about Ernie and the 0-DTE service. I have been selling option premium for well over ten years with very average results and most recently had been following TastyTrade and their mechanics. After 760 round trip trades last year following TastyTrade mechanics, I broke about even and ended with a net loss from the commissions. Their theory of employing the law of large numbers makes theoretical sense to me, but at least for me did not work well over the last couple years.

Recently, I had been researching new options strategies and watched a youtube video by Ernie a couple months ago and did a 0-DTE trial membership for a month. The strategy was easy for me to pick up due to my prior experience with options which for the most part is putting on a directional Butterfly the day of expiration. With that said, his lessons on Volume Profile and market analysis have absolutely changed how I trade and view the market. He has taught me in just a few weeks how to grow my account on my own using a no stress and high probability trading strategy.

I didn’t need to continue with the service, but liked Ernie and the Discord group so much I signed up for a year so I can continue fine tuning my personal trading style and learning from someone that clearly has far more experience than anyone I have run across in my years of studying options trading. If you have any interest in 0 DTE options trading, or selling option premium in general, get a trial membership and I truly believe you will not regret it. Best of luck with your trading! David Stewart (aka OptionsDave).

David Stewart
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