Stop whatever you’ve been doing to lose money in the market and pay attention!

I’ve been trading various products for years, everything from stocks to Forex with some success and plenty of losses. All the time with anxiety and frustration. I’ve also spent thousands and thousands of dollars on various systems that promise the world and deliver nonsense most of the time. Nothing I’ve ever tried has worked like 0-DTE.


I was looking for a process that would allow me to focus my attention on a single product with a proven process and success rate. Then I stumbled upon 0-DTE and Earnie last September. Up to this point I’d never even heard of Volume Profile, what is or even how to use it. For that matter, why even bother. Trading just the last day of an option’s life sounded ridiculous to me and made no sense. I’ve always been anxious about assignment and this seemed like playing with fire. As I was soon to find out it’s not just exciting it also WORKS!


I joined the service on September 22 last year and will renew again for this year because I’ve finally found something that actually works.


Earnie isn’t interested in spoon feeding trades to his members but rather in teaching us how to develop our own process for identifying potential trades and analyzing them. He has taught us to trade small with little risk and reach for much greater rewards which has proven very doable via 0-DTE. When you can invest 1.75 to make 6-10 times as much that’s a win! We only trade one product so we can focus on our process. We normally do 2 trades a day with one during the day and if warranted we make a last hour trade which can be very exciting. We do a daily Zoom call to share the market analysis developed by Earnie and look for potential trades then we get back together during the last hour of the trading day to once again evaluate where we are and look potential new opportunities.


Understand we are doing all this with Discord as our base of operations where team members can share their own thoughts and ideas with regards to trades without the complete BS political commentary which so permeates other sites. It’s so refreshing to work with a group of people who have come together for a common objective and who show mutual respect for each other without the noise that’s so distracting and disruptive with other services.


Another very valuable asset of this service is that it is not stagnant but always working toward a continuous improvement process. Earnie is very flexible and continues to explore alternative methodologies with a watchful eye on the end objective which is to help make each of us successful. I love the idea that here we can manage our profits instead of our losses!


I know this has been a bit of a rambling comment but the bottom line is simple, this service works. Give it a try with the 4 week trial and I’m confident you’ll want to join the rest.


Note, the value Earnie brings to the table isn’t just his skill but also his tremendous background in the entire market where he helped design and develop much of what we now know as the exchange(s).


I have NEVER had this kind of success with any other service I’ve paid significantly more for.

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4 thoughts on “Stop whatever you’ve been doing to lose money in the market and pay attention!
    • ernie says:

      The service is not an alert service, it is an educational service with coaching and mentoring, where you will learn a complete trading system, the process, strategy and methods. There are alerts as part of the service, they are meant to demonstrate the system.

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