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I am new to option trading, just now at a year. What I appreciate most about Ernie’s service is he truly seems to enjoy being a mentor. You can tell its important to him that all his students truly understand the why’s of a trade. I find this perspective very rewarding and already have been able to apply the learned concepts in my personal trades.

The fee is very reasonable, in fact, I covered the annual amount within the first two weeks. I found Ernie because I believe we are about to transition to a massive economic regime change. Thus, I believe the successful low volatility high probability trading strategies will increasingly become more difficult to successfully execute over the long term. So, I started to hunt for trading strategies that would suit high volatility economic conditions, especially conditions that generate a lot of chop and froth without a specific trend to follow. Ernie, has created a strategy that can work well within those conditions as well as strong trending conditions. His strategy requires that the trade’s reward potential exceed 5x the trade investment, before it can be considered. The high probability strategies employed today are the exact opposite, where a lot of risk is on the table to gain just a small profit.

So, three times a week we take an educated guess on the market’s direction for the day and submit a trade with a small investment. Often the trade returns our money plus 1/2 to 2x more. I have been in his service for 2 months now, and often has been more than 50% of the time. The really fun times are when the trade is close to perfect and the return jumps from 1.5x to 10x our trade investment and I have experienced a trade like that with the group. It was pretty amazing.

This asymmetric approach to trading has drastically changed how I define acceptable risk standards within my personal trading strategies. What is neat about this trading style is we don’t manage risk during the trade. We don’t have to. The risk decision, occurs at the trade’s inception. I ask myself the question, how much money will I invest on this trade, where I could possibly entirely lose it. Once in the trade, the only thing to manage is how to optimize the trade’s profit potential. My stress level is significantly different with this trading style.

Thank you Ernie, you will have a customer until you teach me to be an expert. However, I suspect that will take a while. 🙂

Mike B
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