Trade With An EDGE

I have been with Ernie’s 0-DTE service for exactly 3 weeks, and these are my honest thoughts.

First to the method that is employed:

I am not brand new to trading, but I am brand new to options trading. I always wanted to learn how to trade options successfully but the subject confused me and so I stayed away. But I knew how lucrative it was and that the pro traders in the market were consistently making money this way. So I decided to learn.


I spent about 3 months watching and rewatching Ernie’s YouTube videos and trainings. Reason was, there was something different in what he was saying that made sense to me. Like he was really on to something.
So next I spent about a month taking various options courses so I could get some of the basics down. Truth be told, it is not an easy subject to learn, but it is learnable.


Ernie’s method I think is unique in that it allows you to consistently make money and grow your account surely and steadily while turning down the risk to very acceptable levels. While most trading gurus teach you to manage risk, Ernie teaches us to manage profits, since we hardly think about risk at all.


Yes, there are losing trades. But the losers are insignificant and basically we don’t worry about nor focus on them. We win far often more than we lose, and sometimes these wins are staggering. Yesterday I had my first 2 winning trades in the /ES and SPX and made about 95% and 110% respectively. Others in the group did far better. ROI’s of 600%+ are routine in this service.


So to sum up Ernie’s method

He applies a very strict philosophy based upon a very specific and proprietary analytical method that as I said gives us an asymmetric edge, small losses and consistent wins. I think this philosophy is the way to wealth over time.


As far as the service, Ernie provides great service, answers his phone whenever you call him with questions or concerns, and quick to respond to the group on the Discord.


Here is another really important point about this service that I have noticed. While he provides trade alerts for the group, the intent of the alerts are yes, obviously to make money, but even more importantly to teach. This comes across constantly in this service which is probably the most important thing for me personally. Ernie truly want to make his students better traders.


If you really want to become a better trader or even a great trader with an EDGE, then I would highly recommend Ernie’s 0-DTE service 100%!

Pete Scott
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