4-Week trial of the 0-DTE trade room, coaching and alerts. We trade the final day of expiration for options on the SPX and e-mini S&P futures contract. 

Options Trading Course Online: Description & Details

This style of day trading focuses specifically on the weekly options on the S&P 500 Index (SPX) and the E-mini S&P futures contract (ES).

These intra-weekly options contracts expire every day of the trading week, Monday through Friday. That means multiple trading opportunities each week. Our weekly options trading courses offer perspective on the unique nature of this market and how to gain the most advantage from it.

This is more than just a day trading online course that shares a few strategy recommendations. The 0-DTE service includes live coaching, mentoring, and alerts with a Discord-based trade room. It also includes daily live streams and weekly group meetings where we review strategies and our performance.

We’ve built a true trading community. It includes everything from trading strategies and technical analysis to coaching and mentoring that build the right type of options trader mindset.

A Different Type of Day Trading Options Course

The 0-DTE strategies we employ are proprietary to our service and our day trading training courses. They play a crucial role in realizing success. However, they’re only truly useful with the right attitude toward trading. Trading from a position of fear or frustration can severely limit positive returns, even when you use the best possible strategies.

That makes the mentoring and coaching components of our online day trading course especially valuable. We can help you not only understand the technical details of these strategies but how to employ them from a confident, clear-eyed perspective.

Crucially, we use an asymmetric returns philosophy where the risks we take are very small compared to the potential reward. We call it the “inversion of risk” because the risk-to-reward strategy is the inverse of what most people practice, big risks for small rewards.

Our philosophy is that gaining confidence in your strategy and methods is paramount, and the easiest way to gain confidence is to keep your losses small and your wins large. It’s a no-brainer!