Coaching for High Performance

The style of coaching we practice at 0-DTE is designed to facilitate positive action to achieve peak performance. It is based on the cognitive foundation that thoughts drive emotions, emotions drive behaviors and behaviors drive results. You will be stretched out of your comfort zone by challenging yourself to think differently.

Empathy is key, your coach must have expertise in the area in which they are coaching, allowing for a more assertive and direct approach. And so we follow the fundamental principle of not giving answers, instead through that expertise, offer ways of thinking to help reach your objectives in the shortest amount of time.

So What Is Coaching About?

Coaching, is a process used to help you discover how to achieve positive change in yourself, or better put, to get you on the right path with the right habits. It is a collaborative process that empowers you to realize your potential through building awareness, responsibility and action toward positive, lasting change.

Coaching is more about asking the right questions as opposed to providing answers. We will create a collaborative alliance that will establish and clarify the right habits and the path you need to be on. Ultimately this is all about your self-directed learning.