Transform your trading skills and achieve mastery with the prestigious 0-DTE Black Belt Certification Program. Our comprehensive and rigorous program empowers you with the knowledge, strategies, and mindset to excel in options day trading and build a successful trading career.

Program Overview

The 0-DTE Black Belt Certification Program is the pinnacle of our tiered certification system, designed to guide traders through a structured learning path, culminating in a deep understanding of advanced trading strategies and techniques. As a Black Belt candidate, you will:


  • Master the Classic Fly and Batman strategies for trading the 0-DTE event
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of risk management and trade management principles
  • Gain proficiency in using Volume Profile and Price Action techniques for decision-making
  • Embrace a holistic approach to trading, incorporating the philosophies of Nassim Taleb, Benoit Mandelbrot, Mark Douglas, Brett Steenbarger, Mike Bellafiore, and Paul Tudor Jones
  • Learn to apply agile and continuous improvement methodologies in your trading practice

Requirements for Black Belt Certification

To earn the prestigious 0-DTE Black Belt Certification, you must demonstrate a high level of competence and dedication by fulfilling the following requirements:

  • Successfully complete all lower belt level certifications (White, Green, and Brown)
  • Submit a detailed trading journal showcasing a consistent track record of success using 0-DTE strategies
  • Participate in advanced training workshops and webinars
  • Pass a comprehensive written and practical examination covering all aspects of the 0-DTE curriculum
  • Actively engage in the 0-DTE community, providing mentorship and support to lower belt-level members

A certification system for new members based on the belt metaphor in martial arts and Six Sigma training. Each level will have specific qualifications to attain, reflecting the member’s progress within the Zero Days to Expiration service.

White Belt – Beginner

  • Complete the 4-week trial membership
  • Familiarity with basic options trading concepts and terminology
  • Introduction to 0DTE trading strategies
  • Basic understanding of risk management

Green Belt – Intermediate

  • Active full member (yearly or lifetime subscription)
  • Completion of all modules in the Zero Days to Expiration Options Day Trading Certification program
  • Demonstrated proficiency in applying 0DTE trading strategies in a simulated environment
  • Active participation in the Discord server, engaging with other traders, and contributing to discussions

Brown Belt – Advanced

  • At least six months of active membership
  • Consistent profitability in 0DTE trading (based on Trading Journal and Trade Log)
  • Proven ability to adapt to different market conditions
  • Mentoring and supporting new members of the community

Black Belt – Expert

  • At least one year of active membership
  • Demonstrated mastery of advanced 0DTE trading strategies and techniques
  • Strong track record of long-term profitability
  • Active involvement in the community, including leading webinars, workshops, or discussion groups

Master – Elite

  • At least two years of active membership
  • Consistently high profitability and performance in 0DTE trading
  • Recognized as a leader and mentor within the community
  • Contributing to the development and refinement of trading strategies, tools, and resources within the Zero Days to Expiration service

This certification system will encourage new members to progress through the different levels, enhancing their knowledge, skills, and engagement with the Zero Days to Expiration service.

Benefits of the Black Belt Certification

Creating a belt certification system, such as the one inspired by martial arts and Six Sigma training, offers numerous advantages and opportunities for both the 0-DTE service and its members:

  1. Structured learning path: A belt certification system provides a clear, step-by-step learning path for members, allowing them to progress through the different levels of expertise as they acquire new skills and knowledge.
  2. Motivation and engagement: The tiered structure encourages members to stay motivated and engaged in their learning journey to achieve higher belt levels and the associated prestige and recognition.
  3. Personalized learning experience: The belt system allows members to learn at their own pace and focus on the areas they need to improve, ensuring a more personalized and effective learning experience.
  4. Benchmarking and assessment: The certification system offers a standardized way to evaluate members’ progress and proficiency, helping them identify their strengths and weaknesses and set realistic goals for improvement.
  5. Credibility and trust: Achieving higher belt levels demonstrates a member’s commitment to the 0-DTE service and mastery of the trading strategies, enhancing their credibility and trustworthiness within the trading community.
  6. Sense of accomplishment: As members progress through the belt levels, they gain a sense of achievement and satisfaction, boosting their confidence and self-esteem as traders.
  7. Networking and collaboration: The certification system encourages members to connect and collaborate with others at the same belt level or higher, fostering a supportive community and promoting knowledge sharing and growth.
  8. Continuous improvement: The certification system’s agile and kaizen-based philosophy promotes continuous learning and improvement, encouraging members to refine and enhance their trading strategies and processes constantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

The time required to achieve Black Belt Certification varies depending on each trader’s commitment, experience, and learning pace. Typically, it takes several months to complete all lower belt certifications and fulfill the Black Belt requirements.

While prior experience can be helpful, it is not a requirement. Our program starts with the White Belt Certification, which provides foundational knowledge and skills for beginners. You will build upon your knowledge and experience as you progress through the certification levels.

The cost of the Black Belt Certification Program is included in your 0-DTE membership. There are no additional fees for participating in the certification program. However, there might be extra costs for attending certain workshops, webinars, or other events.

Although the Black Belt Certification equips you with advanced knowledge, strategies, and techniques, success in trading ultimately depends on your ability to apply these concepts consistently and adapt to ever-changing market conditions. The certification is a testament to your expertise and commitment, but it is not a guarantee of success.