Single SessionS

Coaching is the fastest and most effective ways to improve your trading. If you are getting started or have questions on a strategy or technique that you need answered, I would be happy to work with you.

We will have an open conversation on your trading background, your vision and need.

0-DTE Coach Ernie

Coach & Mentor

How Your Coaching Session Is Structured

Every coaching session that I conduct, whether it is an individual session or the full in-depth course, involves 6 steps:

    1. Identify the specific topic for the session
    2. Set goal or outcome for the session
    3. Coach: help to explore outcomes and actions
    4. Identify specific actions you will commit to
    5. Summarize actions. commitments and/or perspective shifts
    6. Accountability: Coach partners with you to hold you to commitment


Often I will suggest reading or homework, or other activities with follow-up. Including scheduling the next session. In the case of an individual session, there is a 10-15 minute followup session included in the price.