Minimalism that delivers!

There is a minimalism to Ernie’s approach that I find refreshingly different compared to what I have seen at some of the services out there. A single 0-DTE Butterfly strategy at the core, although with internal variants, to meet the different market conditions defined by volatility of the day. A missionary zeal to keep the risk minimal to insignificant and returns anywhere between 2-10 multiples. The losses when they do happen (and yes they will in this difficult to trade year that 2021 has been) are so small that you are not left wondering whether you should be reinvigorating your search for the next solution that delivers nirvana. And, the profits that come at a regular tick are good enough to write home about.

The analytic tool is simple – the volume profile – and has been explained very well and there are market updates before every trading session on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Also, the freedom of just trading 3 days in the week that limits the possibility of chasing bad trades while giving us the time to reflect on ways to learn then improve even further. Also, there is no leaning on the multitude of technical indicators that I personally spend a lot of time learning at the other places and do not miss as the results seem to come anyways. And, a single instrument that you trade – usually /ES (SPX sometimes). Finally, what keeps me glued to the service are also the true strengths of Ernie’s 0-DTE service: a) constant review of the process with a view to refine it and produce better results (Kaizen) and b) his availability to answer questions any time and to the point of sharing his cell phone number.

If you looking to join a community of traders led by a master of his craft without all the fluff, think no further. Don’t take my word for it..enroll in the trial membership and you will be glad you did while making money on the side.

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