SWAG of the 0-DTE Tradaer

Retrospective for Sunday September 25th

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Who Do Yo Think You Are?

Back to the Future #95

The Final Hour Experiment

Skewness and Kurtosis

Trouble in 0-DTE City

How To Profit with 0-DTE

The Case for Day Trading 0-DTE

Liquidity Traps and Max Pain

How To Tranche 0-DTE

Trading with SWAG

When You Shouldn’t Trade

Pin the Tail On the Donkey

That Never Happens

Playing Close to the Fire

Trade Less Make More and Abide

4-DTE vs 0-DTE, Risk vs Reward

Moronic Variant of Volatility

No Deal Black Friday

How to Adjust a Butterfly

Ain’t Over Until It’s Over

It Ain’t Over Until It’s Over – Yogi Berra Today we’re going to talk about [...]

To Kill a Butterfly

Nor’Easter Butterfly Punch

Hanging Orders for Big Wins

Buy the Dip

0-DTE the Kaizen Way

Probability of Touch

OMG Don’t Do That

Asymmetry and 0-DTE Trading

The 0-DTE Recipe

September Pain October Gains

Technical Analysis Is for Dummies

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Pumping Up the Reward Without Adding Risk

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Saturday Meetup #41 – Only 2 Strategies With Edge

This video has been rebroadcast as a 0-DTE Podcast Episode #018

Opposite World Returns

Position Sizing is Key

Are We In Contango?

0DTE Podcast Episode 1 Fully Annotated

0DTE Podcast Episode #001 Full Trascript Hey, Friends, how you doing? It’s Ernie here. And [...]